Friday, 18 June 2010

Travelling Mercies

We extend our traveling mercies to the Presbyterian Campus Ministries Group from UNC-Greensboro as they embark on their pilgrimage to Scotland!

I know that it has been a tradition for the Presby Campus Ministry to go to Iona for a summer journey: I was unable to go myself as a student, but friends were able to attend and came back delighted and transformed- perhaps even with a kilt that they ordered waiting in the rain for the shop to open here in Oban.

This is a wonderful opportunity for connection, teaching, sharing and fellowship. Dorothy Day wrote in her autobiography that "the only way through the long loneliness (of our lives) is through love, and that love comes through community."

We Christians are not intended to be isolated people. Christ often broke bread with his disciples and shared many meals with people in the community. He delighted in the company of others. His first miracle was at a wedding banquet, pouring out wine for the delight of fellowship.

As UNCG's Presbyterian Ministries embarks on another trip to Iona, they learn to engage with one another and all that they encounter on the way. Perhaps friendships will deepen or begin in this place. New experiences will be shared, alongside all of the joy and frustration of travelling to a new place. This an engagement of vulnerability and of growth, and we wish our friends traveling mercies as they embark on their adventure of fellowship and community.

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